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Peter Cooper   ua
Peter Cooper ua


United Kingdom


    I paint Architecture as realism. I love the contrast of architectural styles in pretty-well any British High Street built before1950. There are different periods, colours, textures and histories all cobbled together in a glorious muddle with no two fascias similar. They make a patchwork of design, or singly they stand prominently notable, in bold contrast to their surroundings. To me they suggest the need for the original (possibly Victorian businessman) owner to be different, to stand out, to make a bit  of a presence above the rest. I feel the Buildings form a kind of parade of personalities, at times grandiose, sturdy, pedantic, proud or melodramatic.

    Exhibition History

    2007  The Mall Gallery, London EAC Exhibition
    2009  Art in Ludlow Event.
    2009  Menier Gallery, London as UA Member
    1993  Gossipgate Gallery, Alston in Cumbria
    1995  St Martins, London with OCA
    1992  Exeter Museum and Art Gallery
    2003  Quay Gallery, Exeter
    1996  St Lukes College, Exeter
    2004  Polka Dot Gallery, Exeter
    2006  South Gate Gallery, Exeter